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According to amendment of Turkish citizenship law, the requirements for gaining citizenship has been facilitated for foreigners. By investing 250 thousand dollars on property you can gain Turkish passport and citizenship.

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In order to get Turkish residency, you have many ways in front of you for example Buying a property in Turkey, marrying a Turkish citizen, opening a business in Turkey. Eda law firm will do all of the legal process for you. You can contact us for more information.

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Turkey has attracted many tourists and immigrants in search of a better life during these last few years. 


Eda law firm helps its customers in order to get Turkish residency and buy property in Turkey.


You need to be careful about the fraud websites and companies and choose the most reliable ones. Many people faced so much loss because of trusting the unknown firms with no background in legal procedure and went back to their country bankrupt. You need to give your work to the professional people and experience the best with us.

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