Gaining citizenship through marriage

During last few years Turkey has attracted many tourists. Gaining Turkish residency can be done through marrying a Turkish citizen.

But you need to consider some points:
• Marriage should be real.
• The person should not be a refugee
• You can apply after 3 years of marriage
• You cannot marry a Turkish citizen while you are still married. This considers a crime in Turkey.
• The legal age for marriage is 18 years old.
• You need to have a mental health
• 300 days should be passed of the time of divorce

Required documents
1. Passport
2. 6 biometric photos
3. Birth certificate
4. Health record
5. Address and entry time of the applicant
6. All of the regarding form need to be signed and registered at the registration office

You need to go to the population bureau (Nufus Idaresi) to appoint a date for marriage. Marriage will be held at the municipality which takes 7 days.

Marrying a person with a Turkish citizenship
After gaining citizenship you will be consider a Turkish citzen. This person can marry another person and apply the residency for the spouse.

Does the person need to reside in Turkey in order to marry a Turkish citizen?
There is no need to reside in Turkey in order to marry a Turkish citizen.
International marriage in turkey
There is an international bureau between European countries that facilitate the process for the European applicants.
The only country in middle east belonging to this committee is turkey.
That is why the marriage certificate is a reliable document.
The required documents
The documents and fee are different depending on the nationality. That is why having a lawyer will help you for the process. You need to hold your passport in order to marry a Turkish citizen and all documents need to be translated.

Especial services in order to marry in Turkey
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Offering required documents
Confirming the documents
Getting appointment from population bureau
Follow up the process