Gaining Turkish citizenship in Turkey trough investment

One of the biggest investment at tractors in the world is Turkey which is located at the western part of Asia. The economy has advanced drastically and is progressing through international budget.

Turkey has removed all of the boundaries regarding foreign investment and provided a healthy atmosphere for business.

There is no discrimination between foreign investors of different nationalities.
The ways of investment include: buying a property, houses, villas, hotels and business offices. Turkish government is supporting the foreign investors.

Turkish government support in foreign investment for gaining Turkish citizenship
Turkish government is opening consulting and services offices for foreign investor which facilitate the process of gaining citizenship.

Turkey has reduced the citizenship fee for these people in order to attract investors to Turkey.

According to the latest law, people can get citizenship by investing 500 thousand dollars in Turkey or buying a house more than 250 thousand dollars.

Statistics in investment in Turkey

According to the latest statistics and data from Turkish government the investment rate has been increasing in industry and IT and has reached 649 million dollars. The energy investment from foreigners has reached 202 million dollars. Which shows one third of the whole investment.

From the other parts, production industry is 416 and transportation 347 million dollars.

The most investment share in turkey is 64.3% which belongs to European Union.

Advantages of investing in Turkey

Gaining citizenship
Using citizenship services and facilities
Travelling to more than 175 countries without visa
Opening bank account in turkey and other countries
Doing business with other countries
Different kinds of companies
Company with limited responsibilities,
privately and non-privately held company,
collaborative companies,
financial companies(exchange offices)


in order to open a company, you need to transfer on fourth of the whole investment into Turkish banks. You can withdraw your money after registering your company. You don’t need a Turkish partnership in order to invest your money in Turkey.

Especial services
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How to invest in Turkey

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Opening a company in Turkey
Power of attorney for investor and follow up the process in legal order
Opening a bank account
Our first step for a secure investment is opening a bank account in state banks of turkey

Procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship​