Gaining Turkish citizenship through long term stay

What is permanent residency


This means having a permanent visa and residency permit as a foreigner in Turkey. There is no need to extension of visa in this case. After having a 10 year long term visa you can apply for the Turkish residency. In order to have a long term residency you need to have a short term residency first.  This residency is given to student, work and touristic visa.

How to get long term residency in Turkey?
You can buy a house less than 250 thousand lira.
If you have work permit for more than 5 years.
If you are financially supported.
If you have no problem in terms of legal matters.

Advantage so f having a permanent residency:
Right to vote.
Getting loan and credits and buying cars with lowest interest
No need to pay tax for entering transportation vehicles to the country


Who can get a permanent residency?
You need to be mentally healthy
No health issue background
Financial competence for themselves and their family

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Long term residency


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