Turkish residency by buying property or renting a house

The most common ways of getting residency is renting or buying a house that gives you one year tourist visa. This residency lets the applicant to stay in Turkey for one year. You can live, open a bank account and enroll at schools. You can also extend your stay before its expiry date.


If you live more than 5 years in Turkey you can gain a long term residency if you didn’t stay more than one month a year out side of Turkey.


In big cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Antalia and Ankara this residency is one year or two year depending on the officer issuing your permit. There are other documents like criminal records and health record which might be asked from the applicant.

The residency will be given to first class family and kids under 18 years old.


Required documents:

Rental deeds or official documents regarding the property

Id card translation to Turkish

4 biometric colored photos for each person

Address registration paper in Nofus(population) bureau

Copy of first page of passport

Copy of passport page with the latest entry stamp to Turkey

Tax number paper ot Vergi Numarasi

Application fee receipt from bank

Translation of marriage documents in case of being married.

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