Gaining Turkish residency through work or opening a business

Turkey is one of the desired place for tourists for shopping. You can gain Turkish residency in different ways we will explain these ways in brief. Gaining Turkish residency through opening a company According to the law in February 2012 all of the investment applicants need to offer their request to Turkish government and then gain the permit for that. Also according to the laws issued in July 2012, one fourth of initial investment should be here in turkey for gaining the permit.   But you can withdraw the money after the registering the company. The minimum investment with limited responsibility is 10 thousand lira and 50 thousand lira for privately held company. You need to clarify the field of industry you are working on and gives a clear financial record.   The required documents to get Turkish residency through opening a company Showing official diploma of dependency (one orginal and 4 copies) If the foreign investor is a real person for each stock holder there should be two copies of passports Official signature with two copies Id card of the investors and their copies   Registrable companies Company with limited responsibilities, privately and non-privately held company, collaborative companies, financial companies(exchange offices) Company with limited responsibilities, privately and non-privately held company are more popular in Turkey. The minimum investment is 5000 lira with 2 to 50 employees. Collaborative companies include 2 or more investors which everyone is responsible for the loss of company. Exchange office These companies need to registered in form of a company and need official permit.   Required documents for registering a company The original passport(valid for more than 6 months) Two biometric photos Some chosen names Deciding on the share of each investors Nominating the manager Field of industry Company’s address Minimum 10000 lira investment   The importance of financial advisor The registration of company in turkey is under the chamber of commerce rules. One of the rules is employing a financial advisor for the company. These advisors are registered inchamber of commerce and trustable. After registering the company organizing a contract under the advisor’s name is obligatory.   Work permit Having work permit is obligatory for foreigners in turkey. In order to do so you need to have a resident permit valid more than 6 months. The permit is given based on the expertise the person has and can work only under that field. contracts are issued for 12 months except for summer jobs which are 3 months. Gaining work permit is dependen on your contract duration. These permits are easier for the jobs like language teachers, kids nurse, and doctors and pilots. The students who are in turkey will not be given work permit.

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